Translating Market Share Into Profits

Wright Gore, CEO of SmartDriver, has seen big benefits from his use of CSource services. His company markets a vehicle-monitoring device targeted at both consumer and commercial buyers. The device, which is about the size of a deck of cards, records vehicle speed, acceleration, and excessive engine “revving”.

The SmartDriver unit can capture about a months worth of data between downloads. Its reporting features are great for the worried parent or cost-conscience fleet manager. “The CSource directors have been instrumental in some of our most important strategic decisions”, explains Mr. Gore:

"A CSource director hosted a two day off-site with our executive team focused on analyzing SmartDriver's value chain. We have been very successful in taking that work and building out our growth plan. During our strategic planning efforts, we have continuously called on our CSource Director for a variety of services.

Our marketing plan has called for a specific approach to our two distribution channels. We have been extremely pleased with our ability to leverage both our consumer and commercial efforts for the same marketing dollar. This approach is helping us build our brand both more effectively and efficiently as we improve operations.

We found TheCSource through its web site. After our initial contact, we spoke with a Director located right here in Houston. We have the ability to leverage their nationwide network of consultants and benefit from a vast network of resources. I personally like the fact that we are not reinventing the wheel every time we run into an operating issue.

TheCSource is definitely a valuable tool that any CEO can benefit from. We have been extremely please with their professionalism and will continue to use them in the future.