QUICKGUIDE - Some frequently asked questions

Where do I start?

  • Need a consultant? Go to CAssist and pick your area of interest.
  • Want to participate in a group off-site with other executives to get the latest information on a particular business topic? Go to CQuest and pick the topic area.
  • Want to become a part of a locally-based group of other CEO's? Go to CForum and fill out the information request sheet.

In general, who provides CSource services?

Directors. CSource Directors are seasoned executives, many of whom are former CEO's, with commercial, governmental, and educational backgrounds.

What makes CSource.com different from any other business management site?

CSource draws it's content from a select pool of CEO's dedicated to sharing their experience/knowledge in an open forum. CSource.com gives the user access. Access to pick the brains of executives you would normally only read about in magazines. Access to processes, to policies, to answers, to questions that change the way you do business.

What are your most popular services?
The breadth of our content is so large that it really depends on what your or your team/department's individual focus is. From accounting practices to motivating teams to conflict management, we will most likely be able to address your needs.

Why are there no prices displayed for the services listed?
A significant portion of our work is ultimately customized to meet the user's unique needs. Various factors influence the ultimate cost CSource users pay for the different services.

How can I get a quote?
As soon as we hear from you, a Director, with the relevant expertise will contact you (either through e-mail or by phone) to discuss specifics. Once properly scoped, the Director will provide cost information in the form of a written proposal.

What is the difference between CAssist and CQuest?
The difference between services can be best illustrated by this comparison chart:





Directors, consultants, or facilitators work directly with the client staff to assess, diagnose, and implement business solutions.

Senior members from multiple, non-competing companies interface with each other and share unique perspectives.


  "Customized Support"

  "An Executive Exchange"


Client-driven by Project

Sessions Held Monthly In Various Cities and Countries



Neutral Off-Site



No More Than 5 or 6 Representatives From 4 Different Companies



Typically 1-2 Days