The C

The one day offsite mixes practical subject-matter experience with real world case studies.  The session ends with executive-team breakouts designed to evaluate the impact of the topic on the session participants.

These customized events are the perfect opportunity to participate in executive exchanges.  Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our seasoned presenters while gaining insight from a select peer group of CEO's and other key executives.

Program Profile:   CQuest Areas:

Senior members from multiple non-competing companies interface with each other and share unique perspectives.

Sessions held Monthly In Various Regions

Neutral Off-Site

No More Than 5 Representatives From 4 Different Companies

1 Day


Our CQuest course offerings are split into three categories. Please choose the one that suits your business' needs:

Improvement Tools
These methodologies are designed to improve various aspects of organizational performance. Find out how companies are implementing these tools to achieve significant operating improvements.

Management Processes
Executive teams rarely have the time to work on improving the most basic management processes. These events are designed to provide a CEO-level “how-to” for modifying the way companies are managed by key business leaders.

Skills Development
Designed for individual and team-based improvement needs, these events help focus on enhancing critical leadership, problem-solving, and management attributes.