World Class Facilitation in Strategy, Business Assessments, & Implementation

Facilitation Basics:   CAssist Areas:

Scheduling and Location:
Our Directors are located in cities across the world. We have the flexibility to provide services which meet your implementation timeline and budget targets.

Many CSource services are priced below $1,000.00. Our largest engagement last year involved directors who provided over $2.5 million in professional services for a single client.

Many CSource engagements are completely customized to integrate with other efforts currently being pursued by the client organization.


To find a director who can assist your organization's needs, choose from the following practice areas:

Our best practice research indicates that in many organizations, strategy amounts to no more than the annual budgeting cycle. We offer customized assistance to facilitate strategy planning from formulation and implementation.

Business Assessments
From organizational performance assessment to customer service evaluations, we offer the latest web-based tools that offer speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Last year our directors provided professional services in 7 continents to firms with over $50 billion in assets. We specialize in providing customized assistance to solve your business needs.