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Organizational decision-making - EnCompass® tools.

  • Every wonder who are the key people forming critical decision paths within and across departments?
  • Interested in identifyig under-utilized human resources?
  • Need to better understand how to reorganize in order to execute the organization's core strategies?

If so, EnCompass® may help you better answer these questions. EnCompass® is a web-based diagnostic tool that can quickly assess your organization's current performance in these areas.


Visualizing the Present – EnCompass® is a revolutionary management system that captures, integrates, and presents the knowledge diffused through the organization in a visual form that is readily understood and analyzed.

Designing the Future – EnCompass® enables groups to synthesize improvements in organizational structure, business processes, and systems, and to establish a consensus on change.

Managing the Transition – EnCompass® provides in-process metrics of progress in implementation, and a visual tool for monitoring the progress of change initiatives.

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